My name is Alexis Sturgeon and this is my story.

I grew up in Southern California and currently reside in Hollywood.  I have a degree in Sociology though I spent all of my spare time in college studying art. I graduated, and with determination to be a successful artist I explored different routes to find my niche. I have been a commercial artist, muralist, abstract painter, folk artist and showpiece style rosary craftsman; just to name a few of my occupations and hobbies. Most of these things I still do but more-so on the side since becoming focused on cakes. At 25 years old I found myself captivated by shows like Ace of Cakes and the Food Network Challenges. They inspired me and made me want to become a cake artist to the stars. To me it was just another avenue of the arts. Needless to say, I decided to attend culinary school as a baking and pastry student. After pastry school graduation, I went straight to work at a top notch cake shop in Beverly Hills where I was in fact, able to make cakes for stars like Jennifer Lopez, Michael Gallagher and Marcia Cross. There, I studied the techniques and methods of how to decorate modern, artistic cakes with the best teachers in Southern California. During those years, I had two opportunities to compete on TV: TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off: Ringling Brothers and the second time on Cupcake Wars: Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I competed on both shows sharing my talents and expertise to help both teams win their competition.
Currently, I am the owner of A-Cups Cakery and work as the resident cake artist at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, one of the most famous hotels in Los Angeles and love to collect tattoos. I’d like to think I incorporate a lot of the tattoo culture into my cakes. Bright colors, and a graphic novel appeal. I specialize in showpieces for TV and movie premier parties as well as platinum and have taken an interest in ornate, modern wedding cakes.